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Striving for a positive
change in healthcare staffing.

Giving healthcare providers the independence and flexibility they want while offering facilities the cost-effective stability and quality they seek.

Who we are.


We offer a unique opportunity for hospitals and facilities to contract with physicians and extenders to mimic a fully employed model.


Our innovative staffing models will provide long-term solutions and stability for hospitals and providers.


Strategically staff a service using our flexible models to account for predictable variations in census.

What our clients say about us.


T. Nesmith, M.D.

“Working with Open Source has given me a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with like-minded and hard-working physicians.”


J. Sabiiti, M.D.

"Working with OSMD has made it easier for me to attain the optimal work and life balance compared to previous organizations."


Z. Dahya, M.D.

“OSMD was my best career decision. The unique scheduling model allows me to make the most of my time on my work weeks.”

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